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Home inspections New Jersey. During a recent inspection of a home in New Jersey, the inspection revealed roof problems and more. Before buying a home in New Jersey be sure to have it inspected by an experienced inspector who can help protect you from buying a home with roof and other problems without knowing it. Your home is your largest investment so be sure to work with the right New Jersey inspector who can protect you.

Perfection Home Inspection Up On The Roof

NJ home inspector find problems with the chimney. Just another reason why you need a home inspection before you buy and you need a home inspector that’s not afraid to climb up on the roof and do a through inspection and not inspect from the ground.

Home Inspection NJ – Stair Railing

Home Inspection NJ – Stair Railing

Stair railings are very important for safety in the home. Your home inspector should identify issues like missing stair railings and document them in his home inspection report.

NJ Home Inspection Reveals Downspout Problem

NJ Home Inspection Reveals Downspout Problem

During a recent New Jersey home inspection we found a downspout that was disconnected. This type of problem is easy to overlook. But it’s an important discovery because a disconnected downspout can lead to major problems if not corrected promptly.

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I was really lucky to have found Jeff online! After seeing his videos on Youtube, I visited his website. It showed not only his quality of work but that he had nothing to hide. During the inspection, he took his time and explained everything! He’s going to be our home inspector for us in the future and for our family and friends.

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