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Thorough Home Inspector At A Reasonable Price…

The price of the inspection was extremely reasonable in comparison to other Inspectors in the area, and his report came back almost immediately. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, and thorough home inspector than look no further! – Jennifer


Buying A Home Without An Inspection Is Looking For Disaster

New Jersey is a great place to live and raise a family…

Right now you’re probably ready to move in to your new house, get settled in and get on with your life.

Buying a house can be pretty stressful on you and everyone that’s involved. Dealing with the banks, mortgage companies, realtors and homeowners can wear you out and frazzle your nerves.

Buying a new residence is probably one of the largest investment you’ll ever make. My question to you is – who’s watching your back?

The banks and mortgage companies are always watching their own backs, the realtors and homeowners are watching their backs. So who’s watching yours when you’re making one of the largest investments that you’ll ever make?

Jeff Guidetti was the inspector and he was absolutely amazing. He answered every question we had and was extremely knowledgeable. He explained what everything meant in his report and any concerns he had with the house. He truly went above and beyond for us which is why I have recommended him to most of my friends who are currently purchasing homes. I would definitely use him again and you should too!!!! – Nick

There’s a lot of excitement when buying. But sometimes we’re so excited about the new house that we tend to overlook things.

You may have looked the property over… you may have even had a friend look at it with you… but do they really know what to look for to make sure that you’re not buying a money pit?

Did someone crawl into the crawl space, look all around the basement, climb into the attic, check out the plumbing, electric and equipment?

The home you’re buying can hide costly repairs in these and other places. It can even hide safety issues that could be dangerous to you and your family.

You want someone who is trained and qualified to look for and spot problems. Someone who is looking out for you and only you.

Are you ready and prepared to spend more money on the house for repairs?

Some repairs can be costly –

  • $5,000 or $10,000 for a new roof
  • $2,000 for a water heater that wasn’t properly installed
  • $25,000 for a hidden underground oil tank

The bottom line is that you need someone that’s watching your back and protects your investment.

Let us be your guide

Almost every house in New Jersey has issues – even brand new homes. I’ve looked at brand new homes that had electrical problems and even plumbing problems just to name a few. If you’re buying an older house what do you think the chances are that everything is just fine?

We encourage you to be with us and walk through as we do the inspection. That way if you have any questions or concerns about what we’re looking at or about the maintenance, we can answer those questions for you right on the spot. And we’ll talk to you in a language that you can understand.

Our job is to protect your back and make you feel confident about the investment you’re making.

My name is Jeff Guidetti and I’m the president of Perfection Home Inspections. Allow me to congratulate you on your new home. In addition to being an independent home inspector I also carry a contractor’s license, builder’s license and I’m a certified and accredited building analyst. I can assure you that I have the experience to watch your back.

You deserve to know the facts about the house you’re about to buy. We work with you and with your interest in mind.

Your home inspection includes a full report

We’ll look over your home and answer all your questions and concerns. Then we’ll provide you with a customized computerized report (not some hand-written report) including pictures of any of concerns.

This report is not a report that you just throw on your desk and forget about it. This report will empower you to ask the seller to make repairs, if necessary. This report is your best protection against any repairs that you do not expect. It’s a great negotiating tool.

You’re about to make one of the largest purchases that you’ll ever make and for a relatively small price you can have our professional inspection to give you “peace of mind”.

Why us?

Because Perfection Home Inspections is upfront and honest. And we’re backed by years of experience in the home industry and inspection.

Are we the best in town? Our customers think so. Maybe it’s because we do a professional job, or because we look after them and provide good customer service, maybe it’s the way we help them with the attitude of understanding their concerns, or how we make sure they get all the information that’s available about the home. Let us prove it to you. We even back our inspections with a 100% guarantee.

You’re getting ready to make one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. We’re here to protect your investment and your family.

Remember unexpected repairs can cost you thousands of dollars.

Our main concern is to protect your investment and give you the best possible service. You can call us at any time day or night 24 / 7 – We’re here to support your needs so call now…

Office: 973-628-1641
Cell: 973-650-3479

Jeff Guidetti

PS. We don’t want you to become a victim and end up buying a money pit. Protect your family today.

PPS. Remember, the banks, mortgage companies, and realtors have someone watching their back. We’re here to protect and watch your back and your investment.

Call today:

Office: 973-628-1641
Cell: 973-650-3479

We found Jeff, with Perfection Home Inspection, onlineFrom the moment the we first spoke, Jeff gave us his undivided attentionWhen the inspection was over and the report came we were even more impressed.   The whole process was incredibly satisfying.

Dan Smith

Call Perfection Home Inspections today:

Office: 973-628-1641
Cell: 973-650-3479

Jeff Guidetti was a pleasure to work with & very knowledgeable. My wife & I really appreciated with how thorough & detail oriented he was. Jeff took his time to show & explain everything that he was evaluating. He was more than happy to answer any questions that we had & encouraged us to reach out to him afterwards if anything came to mind after the inspection that we might have missed. His online reviews are all great FOR A REASON! Highly recommended.

Nick C.

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I just finished my home inspection with Jeff from Perfection and couldn’t be more pleased. He had some great catches that I would have never found. I would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a quality home inspection.

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